Yankee Hill 285C2 Phantom Flash Hider Black Steel with 1/2"-28 tpi Threads & Teeth for 5.56x45mm NATO AR-Platform

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223 Remington / 5.56 NATO
Thread Pattern:
1/2"-28 tpi
  • Reduces muzzle signature: The Yankee Hill 285C2 Phantom Flash Hider is designed to significantly reduce the muzzle signature of your AR-platform rifle. This means less visible flash and a lower chance of giving away your position.
  • Aggressive front end: With its aggressive design, this flash hider adds a stylish and intimidating look to your firearm. Stand out from the crowd with the Yankee Hill 285C2 Phantom Flash Hider.
  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality steel, this flash hider is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of regular use and maintain its performance over time. Invest in a reliable and long-lasting accessory for your rifle.

The Yankee Hill 285C2 Phantom Flash Hider - the ultimate solution for reducing muzzle signature and enhancing your shooting experience! Crafted with precision and built to impress, this black steel flash hider is a must-have for any AR-platform enthusiast.

With its 1/2"-28 tpi threads and teeth, this flash hider effortlessly attaches to your 5.56x45mm NATO rifle, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance. But what sets the Phantom Flash Hider apart from the rest? Let's dive into its remarkable features.

Constructed from high-quality steel, this flash hider is not only durable but also designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you're out in the field or on the range, you can trust the Phantom to deliver consistent results, shot after shot.

But what truly makes the Phantom Flash Hider stand out is its ability to reduce muzzle signature. Say goodbye to excessive muzzle flash and hello to a cleaner, more controlled shooting experience. With this flash hider, you can maintain better visibility and stay focused on your target, even in low-light conditions.

Not only does the Phantom Flash Hider excel in performance, but it also boasts an aggressive front end design that adds a touch of style to your firearm. Turn heads and make a statement with this sleek and functional accessory.

Upgrade your AR-platform rifle with the Yankee Hill 285C2 Phantom Flash Hider and experience the difference it can make in your shooting adventures. Don't settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to your firearm accessories. Choose Yankee Hill Machine and elevate your shooting game today!