X-Grip Magazine Spacer, Fits HK P2000SK, Black XGHK2000SK

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Heckler & Koch
  • Improved Comfort: The X-Grip Magazine Spacer enhances the grip of your HK P2000SK, providing a more comfortable shooting experience. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and enjoy extended shooting sessions with ease.
  • Increased Capacity: With this XGRIP adapter, you can now boost your HK P2000SK's magazine capacity to 13 rounds in 9mm and 12 rounds in 40 cal. Never worry about running out of ammunition during critical moments.
  • Enhanced Control and Accuracy: By incorporating the larger magazine into the P2000SK's grip, the X-Grip Magazine Spacer improves your control over the firearm. This means better accuracy and more precise shots, giving you the confidence to hit your target every time.

The X-Grip Magazine Spacer, the perfect accessory to take your HK P2000SK to the next level! Designed to adapt the HK P2000 high capacity magazine for use in the P2000SK, this black XGRIP is a game-changer.

With the X-Grip Magazine Spacer, you can now incorporate the larger magazine into the P2000SK's grip, unlocking a whole new level of comfort, control, and accuracy. No more compromising on capacity - this amazing spacer increases the gun's capacity to 13 rounds in 9mm and 12 rounds in .40 cal.

But it's not just about the numbers. The X-Grip Magazine Spacer offers a secure fit, ensuring that your magazine stays in place even during intense shooting sessions. No more worrying about loose magazines or misfires. This spacer is designed to keep everything locked in, giving you peace of mind and confidence on the range.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this magazine spacer is a must-have addition to your HK P2000SK. It not only enhances the performance of your firearm but also adds a touch of style with its sleek black finish.

Upgrade your HK P2000SK today with the X-Grip Magazine Spacer and experience the difference it makes in your shooting experience. Don't settle for less when it comes to capacity, comfort, and control. Take your shooting game to the next level with this incredible accessory.