Wilson Combat TR556RCRG18FT8 Match Grade Barrel5.56x45mm NATO 18" Stainless Bead Blasted Finish 416R Stainless Steel Material Rifle Length with Recon Tactical Profile, Fluting & 1:8" Twist for AR-15

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Firearm Group:
AR Platform
223 Remington / 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length:
Barrel Length Range:
18" to 18.99"
Match Grade Barrel
Barrel Type:
Rifle Length
Barrel Features:
  • Superior Accuracy: The Wilson Combat TR556RCRG18FT8 Match Grade Barrel is crafted with precision using the finest American-made 416R stainless steel. This ensures exceptional accuracy, allowing you to hit your target with confidence every time.
  • Durability and Reliability: Made from rifle-rated steel, this barrel is built to last. Its rugged construction and optimized chamber and gas port design ensure reliability, even in demanding shooting conditions. You can trust this barrel to perform consistently, shot after shot.
  • Customizable Design: With its Recon Tactical profile and fluting, this barrel not only offers excellent performance but also adds a stylish touch to your AR-15 rifle. Whether you're building a new rifle or upgrading an existing one, the Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel is the perfect choice for customization.

The Wilson Combat TR556RCRG18FT8 Match Grade Barrel, the ultimate choice for your custom AR rifle project. Crafted with precision and built to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability, and longevity, this stainless steel barrel is a game-changer.

Made from the finest American-made 416R stainless steel, this match grade barrel is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment. Every detail is taken into account, ensuring that it meets the highest technical specifications. The result? Unparalleled performance that will elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

Featuring a hand-polished bore and feedramps, crisp CNC markings, and a precision muzzle crown, this barrel is a testament to Wilson Combat's commitment to quality. The chamber and gas port are optimized for reliability, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.

With a length of 18 inches and a rifle length profile, this barrel offers the perfect balance between maneuverability and accuracy. The fluting not only adds a touch of style but also reduces weight without compromising structural integrity.

The 1:8" twist rate is designed to stabilize a wide range of bullet weights, giving you the flexibility to choose the ammunition that suits your shooting style. Whether you're engaging targets at close quarters or reaching out to longer distances, this barrel will deliver the performance you demand.

Upgrade your AR-15 with the Wilson Combat TR556RCRG18FT8 Match Grade Barrel and experience the difference it makes. Elevate your shooting game and leave your mark with confidence.