Wilson Combat 337S Ultralight Skeleton Hammer 1911 Style Stainless Steel

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Ultralight Skeleton Hammer
Stainless Steel
  • Superior Quality: Wilson Combat hammers are crafted from top-quality stainless steel, ensuring a clean and crisp trigger pull shot after shot. You can trust in the durability and reliability of our hammers for a consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our advanced hammer design, including the re-located strut pin hole and skeletonized construction, improves lock time and speed of travel. This translates to a faster and more responsive trigger pull, without compromising safety.
  • Perfect Fit: Wilson Combat hammers are meticulously narrowed to provide ample slide/hammer clearance. With hammer hooks cut to a precise.020" and a narrow half-cock notch, our hammers prevent sear nose damage and deliver a flawless fit for your 1911-style firearm.

The Wilson Combat 337S Ultralight Skeleton Hammer! Crafted with precision and expertly engineered, this stainless steel marvel is a game-changer for your 1911-style pistol.

When it comes to trigger pulls, Wilson Combat knows how to deliver. Their hammers are meticulously manufactured from top-quality steel, ensuring a clean and crisp trigger pull, shot after shot. But what sets this hammer apart is the attention to detail in its design.

Wilson Combat has gone above and beyond to perfect the geometry of their hammers. They've even re-located the strut pin hole to optimize the trigger pull, resulting in a lighter and smoother action. This advanced design not only enhances reliability but also consistently produces a crisp, yet safe, trigger pull.

But that's not all. Wilson Combat has taken it a step further by narrowing the hammer to provide ample slide/hammer clearance. Some models even feature a skeletonized design, improving lock time. You might be wondering, what does that mean? Well, it means faster hammer travel, reducing lock time and ultimately improving your shooting experience.

The Wilson Combat 337S Ultralight Skeleton Hammer is CNC machined from solid S-7 tool steel bar stock and heat treated to perfection. With a Rockwell hardness rating of 48-52, this hammer is built to withstand the test of time. Its skeletonized spur adds a touch of elegance while keeping the weight to a minimum, ensuring the fastest possible lock time.

The hammer hooks are precision-cut to a mere .020" and finished with an 8 RMS ground finish. And let's not forget about the narrow half-cock notch, designed specifically to prevent sear nose damage. Wilson Combat has truly thought of everything.

With a stunning stainless steel finish, this Ultralight Skeleton Hammer is not just a functional upgrade but also an aesthetic one. It's the perfect addition to any 1911-style pistol, providing reliability, improved performance, and a touch of sophistication.

Upgrade your shooting experience with the Wilson Combat 337S Ultralight Skeleton Hammer. Experience the difference that precision engineering and top-quality materials can make. Get yours today and take your 1911-style pistol to new heights of excellence.