Wilson Combat 31TBP Bullet Proof Magazine Release Tactical 1911 Blued Steel Handgun

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Bullet Proof
5" L
  • Smooth and Fast Operation: Wilson Combat's Bullet Proof Magazine Release is expertly designed and CNC machined from hardened, billet tool steel, ensuring flawless performance. The slightly extended button allows for quick and smooth operation, making it perfect for both competition and carry purposes.
  • Enhanced Grip and Activation: With a checkered texture of 30 lines per inch, this magazine release provides a non-slip surface for easy activation. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure grip, improving the overall feel and performance of your 1911 pattern pistol.
  • Easy Upgrade for Improved Performance: Engineered to maximum drop-in tolerances, this magazine release is a simple upgrade that can significantly enhance the functionality of your handgun. Made from high-quality steel and finished with a durable blued coating, it offers both durability and style. Note: Minor fitting may be required for installation.

The Wilson Combat 31TBP Bullet Proof Magazine Release Tactical 1911 Blued Steel Handgun! Get ready to enhance the performance of your trusty 1911 pattern pistol with this flawlessly crafted upgrade.

Designed with precision and manufactured from hardened, billet tool steel, this magazine release is a game-changer. The button is thoughtfully extended 1/16" over a stock part, ensuring lightning-fast and smooth operation. Whether you're a competitive shooter or someone who carries their firearm for self-defense, this tactical release is a must-have.

The checkered texture, perfectly set at 30 lines per inch (lpi), guarantees a non-slip grip for quick activation. It's engineered to fit seamlessly into your 1911 pistol, with maximum drop-in tolerances. While minor fitting may be required, the improvement in feel and performance will be well worth it.

Please note that the magazine catch lock and spring are not included, so make sure you have those on hand for a complete installation.

With its sleek blued finish, this magazine release adds a touch of sophistication to your firearm. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your 1911.

Upgrade your shooting experience with the Wilson Combat 31TBP Bullet Proof Magazine Release Tactical 1911 Blued Steel Handgun. Elevate your performance, improve your grip, and take control with this essential accessory. Don't settle for anything less than bulletproof reliability.