Uncle Mike's 21310 GunMate Holster IWB Size 10 Black Tri-Laminate Belt Clip Fits Large Frame Pistol Fits 4" Barrel Ambidextrous

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Large Frame Pistol
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Belt Clip
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  • Versatile ambidextrous design - This holster can be easily switched for right or left-hand use, making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals.
  • Secure and comfortable fit - The tough outer shell and waterproof closed cell foam padding provide a snug and secure fit for your large frame pistol with a 4" barrel, ensuring it stays in place during everyday activities.
  • Concealment made easy - The smooth, snag-free lining and extra thin laminate offer comfort and effective concealment, while the outer fabric clings to clothing, preventing the holster from shifting or moving.

Introducing Uncle Mike's 21310 GunMate Holster - the perfect companion for your large frame pistol! Whether you're a righty or a lefty, this ambidextrous holster has got you covered.

Crafted with a tough outer shell, laminated to waterproof closed cell foam padding, this holster is built to withstand the demands of everyday carry. The smooth, snag-free lining ensures quick and easy draws, while the extra thin laminate adds a touch of comfort and concealment.

But what sets this holster apart? It's the innovative design that keeps it securely in place, clinging to your clothing. No more worrying about your holster shifting or sliding around. With Uncle Mike's GunMate Holster, you can confidently go about your day, knowing your firearm is safely and discreetly holstered.

Not only does this holster offer versatility in terms of hand preference, but it also provides flexibility in carry style. Thanks to the reversible belt clip, you can effortlessly switch between strongside and crossdraw positions. So whether you prefer a quick draw from your hip or a more discreet draw from the opposite side, this holster has you covered.

Designed to fit large frame pistols with a 4" barrel, this holster is the perfect fit for your trusted companion. The textured finish adds a touch of style, while the black color ensures a sleek and professional look.

With Uncle Mike's 21310 GunMate Holster, you can confidently carry your firearm in comfort, style, and most importantly, with peace of mind. So why wait? Upgrade your carry experience today and trust in the quality and reliability that Uncle Mike's is known for.

Note: Belt size is not an issue - this holster is designed to fit any belt.