TruGlo TGTG231G3MC Tritium ProBlack | Green Tritium Orange Outline Front Sight Green Tritium Rear Sight

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Firearm Fit:
Glock MOS 42/43/43X/48
Front Color:
Green/Tritium/Orange Outline
Rear Color:
Rear Material:
Frame Material:
CNC Machined Steel
Front Material:
  • Enhanced visibility: TruGlo's Tritium Pro night sights provide exceptional visibility in low-light conditions. The green tritium dots glow brightly in the dark, ensuring quick and accurate target acquisition without the need for batteries or light exposure.
  • Durable construction: These sights are assembled in the USA using high-quality Swiss tritium and CNC-machined steel. With a snag-resistant design and TruGlo's Fortress Finish permanent protective coating, they are built to withstand the rigors of daily use and offer long-lasting performance.
  • Pro-level features: Tritium Pro night sights offer additional features to enhance your shooting experience. The quick and accurate U-notch design and angled rear sight edge enable easy one-hand operation in emergency situations. The white focus lock ring on the front sight ensures faster focus, allowing you to maintain precision and confidence in any shooting scenario.

The TruGlo TGTG231G3MC Tritium ProBlack Night Sights! Say goodbye to struggling with low-light shooting situations and hello to enhanced visibility and accuracy. These innovative sights are designed to make your shooting experience a breeze, day or night.

With TruGlo's tritium night sights, you can confidently transition from daylight to darkness without missing a beat. No need for batteries or light exposure - these sights utilize quality Swiss tritium that glows bright green in the dark. Talk about convenience!

Crafted with precision in the USA, these sights boast CNC-machined steel construction for exceptional durability. Their snag-resistant design ensures a smooth draw from your standard holster, while TruGlo's fortress finish provides a permanent protective coating for maximum longevity. These sights are built to last.

But that's not all. The Tritium Pro night sights take things up a notch with some incredible pro features. The quick and accurate u-notch design allows for lightning-fast target acquisition, while the angled rear sight edge enables emergency one-hand operation - perfect for those intense situations where split-second decisions matter most. Plus, the white focus lock ring on the front sight ensures even faster focus, so you can stay on target with ease.

The TruGlo TGTG231G3MC Tritium ProBlack Night Sights are specifically designed to fit Glock 42 MOS firearms. The rear sight comes in a vibrant green color, while the front sight boasts a striking green hue with an orange outline. It's a winning combination that not only looks great but also enhances your shooting performance.

Upgrade your Glock 42 MOS with these exceptional night sights and experience a whole new level of shooting precision. Don't let low-light conditions hold you back - equip yourself with the TruGlo Tritium ProBlack Night Sights and take your shooting game to the next level. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!