TekMat TEKR2019113D 1911 3D Ultra 20 Cleaning Mat

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15" x 20"
Thermoplastic Fiber Top w/Vulcanized Rubber Back
  • Extra space and thick padding: The TekMat TEKR2019113D 1911 3D Ultra 20 Cleaning Mat offers ample space to handle a fully disassembled handgun, along with extra room for tools and accessories. The .25-inch thick padding not only provides a premium feel but also offers enhanced protection from rough handling or accidental drops.
  • Premium quality and durability: Tekmat is known for creating the original printed cleaning and maintenance mat, and their Ultra line takes it to the next level. With the Ultra 20 Cleaning Mat, you get the same trusted quality and durability as the original TekMat, but with the added benefits of a thicker padding and a premium stitched edge.
  • Oil and water-resistant surface: The ultra soft surface of the TekMat Ultra 20 Cleaning Mat is not only gentle on your firearm but also resistant to oil and water. This helps protect your valuable firearm from scratches while you clean or maintain it. Plus, the mat's diagrams and illustrations make cleaning and disassembly a breeze, while adding a touch of fun to your gun maintenance routine.

The TekMat TEKR2019113D 1911 3D Ultra 20 Cleaning Mat! Are you tired of struggling to find a reliable and spacious cleaning mat for your beloved firearms? Look no further, because Tekmat has got you covered.

With the new ultra line of premium tekmats, you can now experience the same top-notch quality and durability that Tekmat is renowned for, but with even more space and thicker padding. Say goodbye to cramped workspaces and hello to a cleaning mat that can handle a fully disassembled handgun with room to spare for all your tools and accessories.

But that's not all the ultra 20 tekmat goes above and beyond to ensure the utmost protection for your firearm. Its extra-thick 0.25 padding not only provides a premium feel and exceptional quality, but it also acts as a cushion against any accidental drops or rough handling during your cleaning sessions.

Worried about scratches? Don't be! The ultra soft, oil and water-resistant surface of this mat is specifically designed to safeguard your firearm from any unsightly marks. Plus, who can resist the captivating diagrams and illustrations that adorn the mat? They not only assist you with cleaning and disassembly but also add a touch of fun to your gun maintenance routine.

Measuring at a generous 15" x 20", this mat offers ample space for all your cleaning needs. Its Thermoplastic Fiber Top combined with the Vulcanized Rubber Back ensures a sturdy and reliable foundation, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Upgrade your gun cleaning experience with the TekMat TEKR2019113D 1911 3D Ultra 20 Cleaning Mat. Get ready to enjoy the perfect blend of functionality, protection, and style. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to caring for your firearms.