Talley Lightweight 2 Piece Scopemount w/ Integral 30mm Rings Black Anodized, Low, Remington Model 700 LA (6-48), 20 MOA

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Integral Ring & Base
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  • Lightweight and durable: The Talley Lightweight 2 Piece Scopemount is made from high-quality aluminum, providing strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight to your rifle.
  • Enhanced alignment: Unlike traditional two-piece designs, this scopemount features a unique one-piece construction that eliminates the possibility of an out-of-alignment interface or loose connection between the ring and base.
  • Improved performance: With a tube diameter of 30mm and a low height, this scopemount offers a secure and stable platform for your scope, ensuring enhanced accuracy and performance during your shooting sessions.

Looking for a scope mount that's as tough as nails yet light as a feather? Look no further than the Talley Lightweight 2 Piece Scopemount with Integral 30mm Rings.

What sets this mount apart is its one-piece construction. Unlike traditional two-piece designs, there are no joints or loose connections here. It's all about a solid, aligned interface between your scope and your Remington Model 700 LA (6-48).

Strength and durability are the name of the game, and the Talley Lightweight delivers in spades. Made from high-quality aluminum, this mount is built to last. Say goodbye to heavy steel rings and bases - with the Talley Lightweight, you get the best of both worlds: unbeatable strength and a lighter overall weight.

With a 30mm tube diameter and a low height profile, this mount is perfect for optimizing your shooting experience. And let's not forget the sleek black anodized finish, adding a touch of style to your firearm setup.

Upgrade your shooting game with the Talley Lightweight 2 Piece Scopemount. It's time to take aim with confidence and precision.