Tactica TTBB0627RHXL Belly Bandfits Glock 42 Elastic Black XL RH

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Belly Band
Firearm Make Fit:
Right Hand
Mount Type:
Belly Band
Model Fit:
Glock 42
  • Comfortable and versatile: The Tactica Belly Band Holster is designed to provide ultimate comfort and flexibility for concealed carry. Made with elastic material and a padded neoprene strap, it offers a snug fit against the body and can be easily adjusted to your desired position.
  • Secure and discreet: With its reinforced strap and spring steel, this belly band holster ensures that your firearm stays securely in place, even during active movements. Its black color and waist-mounted design make it discreet and easy to conceal under any clothing.
  • Intuitive and quick draw: The position of the holster on the belly band allows for a natural and intuitive draw, ensuring that you can quickly access your firearm when needed. Whether you prefer to position it higher or lower on your waist, this holster provides a smooth and efficient draw every time.

The Tactica TTBB0627RHXL Belly Band - the ultimate solution for concealed carry when wearing a belt just won't cut it. Whether you're hitting the gym or going about your daily activities, this belly band holster is designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and quick access to your firearm.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional holsters and embrace the freedom of the belly band. With its elastic construction, this holster stretches to fit your body naturally, ensuring a secure and snug fit. You can position it higher or lower on your waist, depending on your preference and the level of concealment you desire.

But comfort doesn't stop there. We've added a touch of luxury with a padded strap made of ventilated neoprene. Not only does it feel soft against your skin, but it also allows for breathability, keeping you cool and dry even during intense activities. No more uncomfortable rubbing or irritating moisture build-up!

Safety is paramount, which is why we've reinforced the strap with a strip of spring steel. This added strength ensures that your firearm stays securely in place, providing peace of mind wherever you go. And with its right-hand orientation, this belly band holster is perfect for those who prefer a quick and intuitive draw.

The Tactica TTBB0627RHXL Belly Band is specifically designed to fit the Glock 42, offering a seamless and reliable fit. Its sleek black color adds a touch of style, while its discreet design ensures that your concealed carry remains just that - concealed.

So why compromise on comfort, flexibility, and accessibility? Upgrade your concealed carry experience with the Tactica TTBB0627RHXL Belly Band. It's time to take control and carry with confidence. Get yours today and experience the difference for yourself!