Sl Schema For Glk 19 Blk Rh

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Firearm Make Fit:
Right Hand
Firearm Fit:
Glock 19
Mount Type:
Belt Clip
  • Enhanced Concealment: The Safariland 19283411 SchemaIWB holster boasts a minimalist design that enhances concealment, allowing you to carry your Glock 19 discreetly. Its smaller footprint sets it apart from traditional inside-the-waistband holsters, ensuring you can confidently carry without drawing unwanted attention.
  • Unmatched Functionality: Designed with superior functionality in mind, this holster offers passive retention for secure firearm storage. Its reinforced mouth allows you to reholster your weapon while wearing it, providing convenience and ease of use. Plus, the skeletonized body ensures optimal comfort and concealment, making it perfect for everyday carry.
  • Safety First: The SchemaIWB holster prioritizes your safety with its built-in trigger shield. This feature adds an extra layer of protection, preventing any accidental discharges while wearing or drawing your firearm. With this holster, you can confidently carry your Glock 19 knowing that safety is always a top priority. Note: The product name "Safariland 19283411 SchemaIWB Black Polymer Belt Clip Fits Glock 19 Right Hand" has been used in the bullet points above.

The Safariland 19283411 SchemaIWB Black Polymer Belt Clip! This ingenious inside-the-waistband holster is designed with your concealment needs in mind. With a sleek and minimalist design, it offers enhanced concealment while taking up less space compared to traditional holsters.

But don't let its small footprint fool you - this holster doesn't compromise on functionality. It boasts superior passive retention, ensuring your firearm stays securely in place for everyday carry. Plus, the reinforced mouth allows you to reholster your weapon while it's still being worn, adding convenience to your routine.

Comfort is key, and the SchemaIWB delivers on that front too. Its skeletonized body is not only lightweight, but also provides optimal comfort and concealment. You'll hardly notice it's there, but rest assured, your firearm is always within easy reach.

Safety is paramount, and the SchemaIWB has you covered. It features a trigger shield, adding an extra layer of protection during wear and draw. You can carry with confidence, knowing that your firearm is securely holstered and your trigger is shielded.

In a sleek and timeless black color, this holster is made from durable polymer, ensuring it can withstand the demands of everyday use. And with its right-hand orientation, it's specifically designed to fit the popular Glock 19 model.

Upgrade your concealed carry game with the Safariland 19283411 SchemaIWB Black Polymer Belt Clip. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and safety - all in a holster that's designed to enhance your everyday carry. Get yours today and carry with confidence!