Sierra 4100T Tipped GameKing6mm .243 90 gr Hollow Point Boat-Tail (HPBT) 50 Per Box

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6mm Caliber
50 Per Box
Bullet Tip Material:
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Jacket Material:
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  • Superior Expansion: Sierra's tipped GameKing features an optimal jacket wall thickness that controls expansion, ensuring maximum energy transfer upon impact.
  • Accurate and Stable Flight: With a tuned ogive and boat-tail design, this bullet offers industry-leading ballistic coefficient (BC) for exceptional flight stability and accuracy.
  • Reliable Performance: The open pocket under the polymer tip allows for instant expansion of the lead core, delivering reliable performance and consistent results shot after shot.

Introducing Sierra's 4100T Tipped GameKing 6mm .243! Get ready to elevate your shooting experience with this exceptional ammunition. Designed with precision and performance in mind, this hollow point boat-tail (HPBT) bullet is a game-changer.

Featuring an optimal jacket wall thickness, the Sierra Tipped GameKing controls expansion while retaining weight, ensuring maximum impact. The open pocket under the polymer tip allows for instant lead core expansion upon impact, delivering devastating stopping power.

But it doesn't stop there. With a tuned ogive and industry-leading boat tail design, this bullet offers incredible stability and accuracy, making every shot count. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a competitive shooter, you can trust the Sierra 4100T Tipped GameKing to deliver exceptional results.

Crafted with a copper jacket and a polymer tip, this bullet combines strength and precision. The copper jacket enhances durability, while the polymer tip aids in expansion, creating a lethal combination that will leave a lasting impression on your target.

With a weight of 90 grains and a bullet caliber of 6mm, this ammunition is perfect for a variety of shooting applications. Whether you're targeting small game or honing your long-range shooting skills, the Sierra 4100T Tipped GameKing is the ammunition you can rely on.

Each box contains 50 rounds, giving you plenty of firepower for your shooting adventures. So, gear up and experience the power, accuracy, and reliability of Sierra's 4100T Tipped GameKing 6mm .243. Take your shooting to new heights and make every shot count with this exceptional ammunition.