S&W Pepper Spray 1403 Pepper SprayOC Pepper Range 10 ft 0.50 oz Includes Case

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0.50 oz
10 ft
Active Ingredient:
OC Pepper
  • Powerful and Effective: The S&W Pepper Spray 1403 is one of the most reliable methods of personal protection. With just one short blast, it can incapacitate one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes, giving you valuable time to escape or seek help.
  • Trusted by Professionals: This pepper spray is recommended and used by law enforcement agencies, making it a reliable choice for your personal safety. Its active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum, derived from hot peppers, causes severe irritation to the eyes, throat, and skin, effectively restricting attackers from further aggression.
  • Convenient and Accessible: Designed for practical protection, this pepper spray comes with a black plastic case and keychain quick release, allowing you to have easy access to your pepper shield at a moment's notice. Keep it on your keychain, in your purse, or in its case for immediate and reliable protection wherever you go.

The S&W Pepper Spray 1403 - your ultimate personal protection companion! With just one quick blast, this compact keychain pepper spray can incapacitate attackers, giving you up to 30 minutes of valuable time to escape and seek help.

Designed to be your trusted ally in moments of danger, this pepper spray is a favorite among law enforcement professionals for its unrivaled effectiveness. Its active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum, derived from hot peppers, targets the eyes, nose, and respiratory system, causing severe irritation and temporarily immobilizing attackers.

Featuring a remarkable 10-foot range (may vary with wind conditions), you can confidently defend yourself from a safe distance. The 0.50 oz canister is perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a black plastic case that securely houses your pepper shield. The convenient keychain quick release ensures easy access, allowing you to unleash your protective shield in an instant.

Whether you're out for a jog, walking alone at night, or simply going about your daily routine, this S&W Pepper Spray is a must-have for practical protection. Keep it on your keychain, in your purse, or in its case, knowing that it won't misfire accidentally.

Finished in sleek black and proudly made in the USA, this pepper spray is your ultimate defense against potential threats. Don't compromise your safety - equip yourself with the S&W Pepper Spray 1403 and face the world with confidence. Stay protected, stay empowered!