Remington Silicone-Treated Gun Sock Multi-Green, 52", Drawstring Closure

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Soft Case
Gun Sock
Silicone-treated Cotton
52" L
  • Ultimate Protection: Keep your firearms safe from the elements with the Remington Silicone-Treated Gun Sock. Its silicone-treated fabric provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring your guns stay in top condition.
  • Convenient Design: Say goodbye to bulky gun cases! This gun sock offers the protection of a large case without the added weight and bulk. The drawstring closure makes it easy to secure and access your firearms whenever you need them.
  • Versatile and Stylish: With its multi-green color, this gun sock not only offers superior protection but also adds a touch of style to your firearm storage. Its 52" length ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearms.

The Remington Silicone-Treated Gun Sock Multi-Green! Say goodbye to bulky and heavy gun cases, because this incredible gun sock is here to provide top-notch protection without the extra weight.

Designed with your firearms' safety in mind, this gun sock is silicone treated to offer ultimate corrosion resistance. No need to worry about the elements ruining your precious guns anymore! Whether you're out in the field or storing them at home, this gun sock has got you covered.

Measuring a generous 52 inches long, it can accommodate a wide range of firearms, from rifles to shotguns. The vibrant green color adds a touch of style while ensuring easy visibility. Plus, the convenient drawstring closure keeps your firearms securely tucked away.

With the Remington Silicone-Treated Gun Sock Multi-Green, you can confidently protect your firearms without compromising on convenience. It's time to upgrade your gun storage game and give your guns the care they deserve. Get your hands on this exceptional gun sock today and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior firearm protection.