Pro-Shot 1775SI5PK SplatterShot Long Range Sight-In Black/Green Self-Adhesive Paper Impact Enhancement Bright Green Diamond 5 Pack

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5 Pack
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  • Enhance your shooting accuracy: The Pro-Shot SplatterShot Long Range Sight-In targets are designed to help you improve your shooting accuracy. With bright green rings that reveal bullet holes, you can easily track your shots and make precise adjustments to your aim.
  • Versatile usage: This pack includes one main center target for sighting-in purposes, along with four smaller targets. Use the smaller targets to confirm your sight-in groups or test different ballistic loads. The 1" numbered grid lines make it convenient for adjusting your scope.
  • Easy to use and stick: The Pro-Shot SplatterShot targets feature a self-adhesive backing, allowing for hassle-free setup. Simply peel and stick them to your desired surface. The black and green color combination adds visibility to your target, making it easier to see your shots from a distance.

The Pro-Shot 1775SI5PK SplatterShot Long Range Sight-In Targets! Are you tired of struggling with your sight-in process? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you.

Designed by Pro-Shot, these peel and stick targets are specially crafted to enhance your shooting experience. The main center target is ideal for sighting-in purposes, while the four smaller targets are perfect for confirming your sight-in groups or testing different ballistic loads.

But what sets these targets apart? It's the incredible impact enhancement feature that truly makes them shine! Each bullet hole is revealed with bright green rings, making it easy to see your shots from a distance. Say goodbye to squinting and straining your eyes to locate your hits.

Not only that, but these targets also come with 1" numbered grid lines, allowing you to make precise scope adjustments with ease. No more guesswork or frustration when it comes to zeroing in your rifle.

Crafted from high-quality paper, these targets are built to withstand the force of your shots. Their self-adhesive backing ensures a secure and hassle-free mounting experience. Simply peel, stick, and start shooting!

With a size of 17.75", these targets provide you with ample space to practice your long-range shooting skills. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a beginner, these targets will help you improve your accuracy and precision.

The Pro-Shot 1775SI5PK SplatterShot Long Range Sight-In Targets are a must-have for any shooting enthusiast. Don't settle for ordinary targets that leave you guessing. Upgrade your shooting experience today and see the difference for yourself. Get your pack of five targets now and take your shooting skills to new heights!