Primos 65488 Steady-StixShooting Stick Black 15-40" Metal

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8 oz
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  • Lightning fast, feather light, rock steady - This shooting stick is designed for rapid mobility, setup, and stability under all conditions, giving you the confidence you need for a successful shot.
  • Ultra light design - Weighing only 8 oz., the Primos 65488 Steady-Stix is incredibly lightweight and adds almost nothing to your pack, making it perfect for hunters on the go.
  • Three piece bipod - With its compact design and ability to adjust from 15" to 40" in height, this shooting stick is perfect for transitioning from standing to kneeling positions, ensuring maximum versatility in the field.

The Primos 65488 Steady-Stix Shooting Stick - the ultimate companion for every shooting adventure!

Lightning fast, feather light, and rock steady, this shooting stick is engineered to provide rapid mobility, easy setup, and unbeatable stability under all conditions. Whether you're out in the field or at the range, the Steady-Stix is here to elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

With its three-piece bipod design, this shooting stick is perfect for transitioning from standing to kneeling positions, ensuring maximum versatility and adaptability. And the best part? It's incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 1.5 lbs, so you can carry it with ease wherever your shooting journey takes you.

Compact and portable, the Steady-Stix easily compacts down to a mere 15" for convenient carrying. When you're ready to take your shot, it unfolds automatically and locks in securely, providing you with the stability you need to hit your target with precision.

Say goodbye to the failures of ordinary cross-stick rests! The Steady-Stix features extreme-duty shock cords and pressure-fit ferrules, eliminating any worries about stability and ensuring that you can focus solely on your shot.

Weighing in at a compact 8 oz., the Steady-Stix adds almost nothing to your pack but everything to your confidence. It's the perfect companion for hunters, sport shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Upgrade your shooting game with the Primos 65488 Steady-Stix Shooting Stick. Get yours today and experience the difference it makes in your accuracy and confidence!