Msi 10% Pepper Personal Blue 18gm

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  • Stay safe and confident: This brightly colored Personal Pepper Spray is your powerful protection at your fingertips, giving you control and confidence when you need it most.
  • Enhanced grip for accuracy: The flip-and-grip design of this spray enhances your grasp, ensuring optimal targeting accuracy so you can effectively defend yourself.
  • Convenient and accessible: With a built-in keychain, this pepper spray is fast and easy to access, making it perfect for those on the go who prioritize personal safety.

The MSI 10% Pepper Personal Blue 18gm - your ultimate companion for personal safety! With its vibrant color and compact design, this pepper spray is not only stylish but also packs a powerful punch when it comes to protection.

Equipped with a convenient flip-and-grip design, this pepper spray ensures that you have a firm grasp, giving you control and confidence in any situation. The flip-top safety cap adds an extra layer of security, preventing accidental discharge and ensuring that you're always in charge.

But what sets this pepper spray apart is its finger-grip design, which enhances your targeting accuracy. With this innovative feature, you can precisely aim and hit your intended target, giving you peace of mind and the ability to defend yourself effectively.

And that's not all - the built-in keychain makes it easy to access your pepper spray whenever you need it. Attach it to your keys, bag, or belt loop, and you'll always have quick and convenient access to your personal safety solution.

Don't compromise on your safety - choose the MSI 10% Pepper Personal Blue 18gm and stay protected wherever you go. Order yours today and experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with having powerful protection at your fingertips.