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Hornady 12458 Frontier Lead .45 Cal .454 255 gr Flat Point Cowboy 200 Per Box

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45 Caliber
200 Per Box
Bullet Tip Material:
Lead Solid
Core Material:
Jacket Material:
Recommended Usage:
Cowboy Action
Sectional Density:
Bullet Diameter:
  • Perfect Symmetry: The Hornady Frontier Lead pistol bullets feature a traditional conical and flat design with knurling at the base for increased stability and accuracy, ensuring every shot hits its mark.
  • Reduced Barrel Leading: Thanks to the exclusive knurling system, these bullets retain lubricant over the entire bearing surface, minimizing barrel leading and keeping your firearm in top condition.
  • Cowboy Action Ready: Designed specifically for cowboy action shooting, these .45 Cal .454 bullets are pre-lubricated, cold-swaged, and deliver a weight of 255 gr, making them the ideal choice for your cowboy action adventures.

The Hornady 12458 Frontier Lead .45 Cal .454 255 gr Flat Point Cowboy Bullets - the perfect choice for all your Cowboy Action shooting needs!

With their pre-lubricated and cold-swaged construction, these pistol bullets offer unparalleled uniformity and balance. The exclusive knurling system ensures that the lubricant is evenly distributed across the entire bearing surface, reducing barrel leading and keeping your firearm in top condition.

Featuring a traditional conical and flat design, these bullets boast impeccable symmetry that, when combined with the knurling at the base, provides exceptional stability and accuracy. Whether you're competing or enjoying some recreational shooting, these bullets are designed to deliver outstanding performance every time.

With a bullet diameter of .454 and a weight of 255 grains, these .45 caliber bullets are specifically crafted to meet the demands of Cowboy Action shooting. The lead jacket and solid core materials ensure reliable and consistent performance, while the sectional density of .177 adds to the bullet's effectiveness.

Each box contains 200 of these high-quality Frontier Lead Flat Point Cowboy Bullets, giving you plenty of ammunition to keep you shooting for hours on end. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your Cowboy Action shooting experience - choose Hornady and experience the difference for yourself.

Enhance your shooting accuracy and enjoyment with the Hornady 12458 Frontier Lead .45 Cal .454 255 gr Flat Point Cowboy Bullets. Get yours today and take your Cowboy Action shooting to the next level!