Hogue 15421 OverMolded Beavertail made of Rubber with Red Lava Finish, Cobblestone Texture & Finger Grooves for AR-15, M16

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Red Lava
  • Enhanced Grip: The Hogue 15421 OverMolded Beavertail grip offers a comfortable and secure hold, thanks to its cobblestone texture and finger grooves. Say goodbye to slippery grips and hello to improved control and accuracy.
  • Recoil Absorption: Made from durable synthetic rubber, this grip absorbs recoil without sacrificing accuracy. Enjoy a softer shooting experience while maintaining your target precision.
  • Rock-Solid Fit: With a reinforcing insert that engages directly with the firearm frame, this grip ensures a tight and reliable fit. Experience a sturdy connection between your AR-15 or M16 and your hand, giving you confidence in every shot.

The Hogue 15421 OverMolded Beavertail Grip for AR-15 and M16! Get ready to take your shooting experience to a whole new level of comfort and control.

Crafted from durable synthetic rubber, these grips are designed to provide a soft recoil-absorbing feel without compromising accuracy. Unlike other brands, Hogue grips are not spongy or tacky - they offer just the right amount of flexibility for a truly exceptional shooting experience.

The secret behind the superior performance of Hogue grips lies in their innovative molding process. Each grip is molded with a reinforcing insert that directly engages with the firearm frame, ensuring a rock-solid grip-to-frame fit. Say goodbye to any wobbling or shifting - these grips are built to stay securely in place.

But it's not just about functionality - Hogue knows that style matters too. That's why they've given this model a stunning red lava finish that adds a touch of flair to your firearm. Whether you're on the range or out in the field, you'll be turning heads with this eye-catching grip.

And let's not forget about the cobblestone texture. Designed to provide an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern, it ensures a firm hold even in the most challenging conditions. No more worrying about sweaty palms or slippery fingers - with Hogue, you'll always have a confident grip.

Upgrade your AR-15 or M16 with the Hogue 15421 OverMolded Beavertail Grip. Experience the perfect combination of comfort, control, and style. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose Hogue for your firearms accessories.