GPS Bags T2112ROB Tactical Rolling Tan 1000D Nylon Teflon Coating with Foam Cradle Holds 6 Handguns, Storage Pockets Holds 4 Additional Guns, Telescoping Handle & ATV Wheels

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1000D Nylon Teflon Coating
Guns Held:
10 Handguns
  • Easily transport up to 10 handguns and shooting accessories to the range with this tactical rolling range bag.
  • The foam cradle provides secure and protective storage for up to 6 handguns, while 4 additional internal zipper pockets hold 4 more guns.
  • Enjoy smooth and effortless transportation with the telescoping handle and oversized ATV wheels of this durable and spacious range bag.

The ultimate companion for every shooting enthusiast - the GPS Bags T2112ROB Tactical Rolling Range Bag! Designed with precision and crafted with durability, this bag is here to revolutionize your range experience.

With its sleek tan color and robust 1000D nylon construction, this bag not only looks the part but also delivers exceptional performance. The Teflon coating adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your gear stays safe and sound no matter the conditions.

Now, let's talk about storage. This bag is a true marvel when it comes to holding your handguns. The foam cradle inside is purpose-built to securely accommodate up to 6 handguns, providing maximum protection during transport. But wait, there's more! Four additional internal zipper pockets offer ample space for 4 more guns, making this bag a true arsenal on wheels.

Transporting your gear has never been easier. Thanks to the telescoping handle, you can effortlessly glide this bag from one location to another. No more struggling with heavy loads - just smooth and seamless movement. And with the oversized ATV wheels, even rough terrain won't pose a challenge.

But it's not just about convenience; it's about accessibility too. The wide-mouth top opening ensures easy access to your gear, so you can quickly grab what you need without any hassle. No more fumbling around or wasting precious range time.

So, whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting your journey, the GPS Bags T2112ROB Tactical Rolling Range Bag is a must-have. It's time to elevate your range experience and take your shooting game to the next level. Get yours today and experience the difference for yourself!