CVA PR2040SM Optima V2 50 Cal 209 Primer 26" Fluted, Matte Stainless Barrel/Rec, Realtree Excape Stock, Quick-Release Breech Plug, DuraSight Scope Mount

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50 Caliber
Camo - Realtree
Barrel Length:
Barrel Length Range:
26" to 26.99"
Break Open
Stock Description:
DuraSight Dead-On Scope Mount
Barrel Description:
209 Primer
Butt Pad:
  • Superior Quality: The CVA PR2040SM Optima V2 is built with top-notch materials, including a 416 grade stainless steel barrel and a durable Realtree Excape stock. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in any hunting situation.
  • Easy Maneuverability: With its 26" fluted barrel and break-open action, the Optima V2 is designed for easy handling in tight spaces like treestands or dense woods. You'll have no trouble navigating through challenging terrain and taking accurate shots.
  • Enhanced Features: This muzzleloading rifle comes equipped with a quick-release breech plug for easy cleaning, a DuraSight scope mount for precise aiming, and a crushzone recoil pad for reduced felt recoil. These added features make the Optima V2 stand out from other rifles in its price range.

The CVA PR2040SM Optima V2 50 Cal 209 Primer Rifle - a true game-changer in the world of muzzleloading rifles! This exceptional firearm is packed with features that will leave you in awe.

Let's start with the construction. The Optima V2 boasts a durable 416-grade stainless steel barrel, ensuring unparalleled strength and longevity. Plus, you have the option to choose between the classic stainless finish or our cutting-edge nitride rust-proofing process. No more worrying about the elements taking a toll on your rifle!

But it doesn't stop there. CVA has gone above and beyond to enhance your shooting experience. The quick-release breech plug allows for easy removal with just a flick of your finger. Say goodbye to tedious maintenance and hello to more time on the range or in the field.

Comfort and versatility are also at the forefront of the Optima V2's design. The 100% ambidextrous stock ensures a perfect fit for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. And let's not forget the crushzone recoil pad, which absorbs recoil like a champ, making your shooting sessions more enjoyable than ever.

Measuring in at 26 inches, the Optima V2's barrel strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and accuracy. Whether you're perched high in a treestand or trekking through rugged terrain, this rifle will be your reliable companion.

And to top it all off, the Optima V2 comes equipped with the DuraSight Dead-On Scope Mount, guaranteeing precise aim and target acquisition. You'll be hitting bullseyes with ease!

With its unbeatable combination of quality craftsmanship, advanced features, and an affordable price tag, the CVA PR2040SM Optima V2 50 Cal 209 Primer Rifle stands head and shoulders above the competition. Don't settle for anything less - elevate your shooting game today!