Cuddeback 1279 X-Change Color Brown 20 MP Resolution Color Strobe Flash 120MB Internal/SD Card Slot Memory

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120MB Internal/SD Card
Picture or Video:
Power Source:
Video Settings:
10/20/30 Second
Camera ID/Date/Moon Phase/Time
Camera Type:
Trail Camera
X-Change Flash System
Image Settings:
Burst Mode 1-5
  • Capture more photos in less time with the Cuddeback 1279 X-Change Color Brown trail camera's lightning-fast 1/4 second trigger speed and rapid recovery speed, ensuring you never miss a moment.
  • Enjoy stunning 20MP color images during the day and high-quality black and white images at night, thanks to the innovative X-Change flash system that adapts to different lighting conditions.
  • Benefit from advanced features like zone control, customizable time lapse, and no card mode, which allows the camera to continue recording images even without an SD card. Experience the convenience and versatility of the Cuddeback 1279 X-Change Color Brown trail camera.

The Cuddeback 1279 X-Change Color Brown Trail Camera, the ultimate game-changer for all your outdoor adventures! With its impressive 20 MP resolution and lightning-fast trigger speed, this camera captures every moment with unmatched precision and clarity.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities! Thanks to Cuddeback's innovative technology, this camera boasts a remarkable 1/4 second trigger speed and an incredibly fast recovery time. In just 1 second, it's ready to snap the next picture, allowing you to capture two photos while other cameras are still getting set up.

The X-Change Color feature is a game-changer in itself. During the day, it flawlessly captures vibrant, true-to-life color images. And when the sun sets, it seamlessly switches to black and white mode, ensuring you never miss a moment, even in low-light conditions.

But that's not all - this trail camera is packed with incredible features. With Zone Control, you have full control over which areas you want to monitor, making it easier to focus on specific target zones. The separate day and night delays allow you to customize your camera's behavior, ensuring you capture the perfect shot every time.

And let's not forget the X-Change Flash System. This cutting-edge technology delivers a powerful color strobe flash, illuminating your subjects with stunning clarity. Plus, the camera has a no card mode, so even if you forget your SD card, it will continue to record images, ensuring you never miss a thing.

Operating on just 8 AA batteries, this camera is both efficient and reliable. With its waterproof design, you can trust it to withstand any weather conditions, ensuring it remains your faithful companion on all your outdoor escapades.

Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a hunter, or simply love exploring the great outdoors, the Cuddeback 1279 X-Change Color Brown Trail Camera is your ultimate companion. Get ready to capture breathtaking moments like never before.