Bloodsport BLS10775 Gravedigger Broadhead Cut-On-Contact 100 gr

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3 Pack
  • Take down big game with confidence: The Bloodsport BLS10775 Gravedigger Broadhead Cut-On-Contact 100 gr is designed to deliver hard-hitting impact, making it the perfect choice for hunting large game.
  • Precision and versatility in one: With its fixed-blade mode featuring a 1" blade and two ¬¨Œ©" bleeders, this broadhead offers precise in-flight performance. But if you prefer a mechanical format, simply loosen the set screw and unleash the no-fail mechanical design.
  • Maximum cutting surface, minimal energy loss: The gravedigger's two cross-opening blades stay closed during flight, ensuring optimal accuracy. However, upon entry, they deploy immediately, providing a maximum 1¬¨¬∫" cutting surface without sacrificing critical energy.

The Bloodsport BLS10775 Gravedigger Broadhead Cut-On-Contact 100 gr! Get ready to take your big game hunting to the next level with this incredible hybrid mechanical broadhead.

In fixed-blade mode, the Gravedigger showcases a 1" blade with two ¬" bleeders, ensuring precise in-flight performance and delivering a hard-hitting impact. But here's where it gets really exciting - with a simple twist of the set screw, you can unleash the power of the no-fail mechanical format.

Equipped with two cross-opening blades, this broadhead remains closed during flight, guaranteeing accuracy and stability. However, upon entry, these blades deploy instantly, providing you with an impressive 1 ¬" cutting surface without any critical energy loss. Now that's what we call maximum impact!

Crafted from durable 416 stainless steel, the Gravedigger is built to withstand the toughest hunting conditions. No need to worry about rubber bands or o-rings - this broadhead is designed for reliability and performance.

Each pack includes three Gravedigger Broadheads, so you'll have everything you need to conquer the hunting season. And with its sleek silver color and sturdy aluminum construction, this broadhead not only delivers exceptional performance but also looks great on your arrows.

Upgrade your hunting arsenal and experience the power of the Bloodsport BLS10775 Gravedigger Broadhead Cut-On-Contact 100 gr. Get yours today and get ready to make your mark in the field!