Birchwood Casey 35728 Dirty Bird Bad Guy Silhouette Tagboard Hanging Universal 12" x 18" Black/Blue/White 8 Per Pkg

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8 Pack
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12" x 18"
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Impact Enhancement:
  • Spot your shots easily: Birchwood Casey's Dirty Bird Bad Guy IPSC target features intense white splatter that allows you to easily spot your shots, providing superior downrange contrast.
  • Versatile for all shooting applications: Made with heavy tagboard construction, this target is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it perfect for all types of pistol-action shooting and training.
  • Convenient and reusable: The non-adhesive back of the target allows you to affix it to any surface you prefer, add notes, and save it for future reference. With 8 targets per package, you'll have plenty to practice with.

Introducing Birchwood Casey's Dirty Bird Bad Guy Silhouette Tagboard Targets! Get ready to take your shooting experience to the next level with these incredible targets.

Designed with the shooter in mind, these targets feature "intense white" splatter that makes it super easy to spot your shots and provides superior downrange contrast. Whether you're practicing indoors or outdoors, these targets are perfect for all types of pistol-action shooting.

Crafted from heavy tagboard, these targets are built to withstand the impact of your shots, ensuring durability and longevity. Plus, the non-adhesive back allows you to affix them to any surface you desire. You can even add notes to the targets and save them for future reference, making them ideal for training applications.

Measuring 12" x 18", each package includes 8 targets, giving you plenty of opportunities to improve your aim. The striking black, blue, and white color combination adds a touch of style to your shooting range.

Don't settle for ordinary targets when you can have Birchwood Casey's Dirty Bird Bad Guy Silhouette Tagboard Targets. Elevate your shooting experience and hit your targets with confidence. Order yours today and experience the difference!