AmeriGlo GL810 Optic Compatible Sight Set for GlockBlack | 2XL Tall Green Tritium with Black Outline Front Sight 2XL Tall Black Rear Sight

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Glock Gen 1-5
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Green/Tritium Black Outline
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  • Elevate your shooting experience: The AmeriGlo GL810 Optic Compatible Sight Set brings a clear advantage to your shooting experience. With its precise, elevated co-witness sight picture, you can confidently use slide-mounted red dot optics and suppressors, both on and off the range.
  • Reliable back-up sights: This sight set serves as reliable back-up sights, ensuring that you always have a dependable aiming solution. Whether you're using a red dot optic or a suppressor, these sights provide a consistent and accurate sight picture, giving you peace of mind in any shooting situation.
  • Designed for Glock versatility: Compatible with all Glock Gen 1-5 models and Glock MOS slides, this sight set is designed to fit seamlessly into your Glock pistol. It even features a Vortex Viper footprint, further expanding its compatibility options. Enhance your Glock's performance with this high-quality sight set.

Enhance your shooting experience both on and off the range with the AmeriGlo GL810 Optic Compatible Sight Set for Glock. Designed to give you a clear advantage, this sight set provides a precise and elevated co-witness sight picture for slide-mounted red dot optics and suppressors. It's the perfect reliable back-up sight system that will never let you down.

With its 2XL tall design, this sight set offers exceptional visibility and accuracy. The front sight features a vibrant green tritium dot with a sleek black outline, ensuring quick target acquisition in any lighting condition. The flat black rear sight completes the set, providing a crisp and clear sight picture.

Crafted from durable steel, this sight set is built to withstand the rigors of intense shooting sessions. Its black finish adds a touch of sleekness to your Glock, while the compatibility with all Glock Gen 1-5 models ensures a perfect fit. It even fits Glock MOS slides and is compatible with the Vortex Viper footprint, giving you the flexibility to customize your firearm to your liking.

Whether you're a professional shooter or a passionate enthusiast, the AmeriGlo GL810 Optic Compatible Sight Set is a must-have addition to your handgun. Elevate your shooting game with confidence and precision. Get yours today and experience the clear advantage that AmeriGlo brings to your shooting experience.