Allen 95948 Gear-Fit Dakota CXE Rifle Case 48" RealtreeXtra Camo

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Camo - Realtree
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1 Rifle
  • Carry all your gear effortlessly: The Allen 95948 Gear-Fit Dakota CXE Rifle Case is designed to help you transport all your essential gear to the range or field. With multiple storage pockets and organizers, you can easily pack extra targets, ammo, accessories, bipods, and even electronics. No need to worry about leaving anything behind!
  • Stay organized and prepared: This rifle case features purpose-driven pocketing, ensuring that you have a designated spot for all your important gear. The clear pocket panel allows you to quickly see the contents, while the clear map and accessory pocket keep everything easily accessible. Say goodbye to digging around for what you need!
  • Durable and secure: The Gear-Fit Dakota CXE Rifle Case is built to last. With rubber zipper pulls and a lockable design, you can trust that your gear will stay safe and secure during transport. The dual-layer foam provides an extra layer of protection for your rifle, giving you peace of mind on your outdoor adventures.

The Allen 95948 Gear-Fit Dakota CXE Rifle Case 48" RealtreeXtra Camo - the ultimate companion for all your shooting adventures! Gear up and get ready to take your gear storage to the next level.

Designed with the modern shooter in mind, this rifle case is more than just a case - it's a gear-carrying powerhouse! With its Gear Fit√√Œ© Storage Flaps, you'll have plenty of room for all your oversized gear. No more worrying about leaving anything behind - this case has got you covered.

What sets this rifle case apart is its purpose-driven pocketing. Multiple storage pockets and an organizer ensure that your gear and accessories stay neatly organized and easily accessible. No more rummaging through a jumble of equipment to find what you need. Plus, the clear pocket panel allows you to quickly see the contents, saving you time and hassle.

Need to bring along a map or some important documents? No problem! The clear map and accessory pocket keeps everything visible and protected. And with rubber zipper pulls, you can easily open and close the case without any frustrating snags.

But it doesn't stop there - this rifle case is built to withstand the rigors of the field. The dual-layer foam provides exceptional protection for your firearm, ensuring it stays safe and secure during transportation. And for added peace of mind, the case is lockable, keeping your valuable gear protected at all times.

So, whether you're heading to the range for some target practice or venturing into the great outdoors for a hunting expedition, the Allen 95948 Gear-Fit Dakota CXE Rifle Case has got your back. Don't leave anything behind - bring it all with Gear Fit√√Œ©! Get yours today and experience the ultimate gear-carrying solution.