AimShot AR3006 Arbor30-06 Springfield for use with 223 Laser Boresight

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30-06 Springfield
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  • Easy and Convenient: The AimShot AR3006 Arbor30-06 Springfield makes bore sighting your firearm a breeze. Simply attach the arbor to the .223 laser bore sight module and you're ready to go. No complicated setup or additional tools required.
  • Accurate and Precise: Achieve precise alignment and accuracy with this high-quality brass arbor. It ensures a secure fit and reliable performance, allowing you to sight in your 30-06 Springfield rifle with confidence.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with the .223 laser bore sight module, this arbor is compatible with a wide range of firearms. Whether you're a professional shooter or a hobbyist, this arbor is a must-have tool for accurate bore sighting.

The AimShot AR3006 Arbor for 30-06 Springfield! Take your shooting accuracy to the next level with this incredible accessory. Designed to be used with the .223 laser bore sight module, this arbor is a game-changer for any firearm enthusiast.

Crafted from durable brass, this high-quality arbor ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. With its precise construction, it guarantees a perfect fit for your 30-06 Springfield caliber. Simply attach it to your firearm and get ready to experience unparalleled precision.

No batteries required! This arbor is a hassle-free solution that doesn't rely on external power sources. It's all about simplicity and convenience, so you can focus on what matters most hitting your target with utmost accuracy.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out, this arbor is a must-have for your shooting arsenal. It's the perfect tool for zeroing in your sights and ensuring your shots are always on point. No more wasting time and ammunition trying to find the right adjustments with this arbor, you'll be dialed in and ready to go in no time.

Upgrade your shooting experience with the AimShot AR3006 Arbor for 30-06 Springfield. Get yours today and elevate your accuracy to new heights. It's time to take your shooting skills to the next level!