AccuSharp 017C Diamond Pro 2-Step Sharpener Hand Held Fine/Coarse Diamond, Ceramic Sharpener Black/White Aluminum

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Diamond, Ceramic
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  • Sharpen, Restore, and Polish: The AccuSharp Diamond PRO 2-Step Sharpener is designed to bring your blades back to life. With pre-angled coarse diamond and fine ceramic rods, it effortlessly sharpens, restores, and polishes the edge of all types of blades.
  • Versatile and Aggressive: The diamond rods in this sharpener are aggressive enough to tackle even the dullest blades. Whether it's your kitchen knives, hunting tools, or pocket knives, this sharpener can handle them all, giving you a razor-sharp edge in no time.
  • Sturdy and Safe: The Diamond PRO 2-Step Sharpener is built to last. Its exterior is made of brushed aluminum, giving it a sleek and durable finish. The rubber molded grip ensures a secure and comfortable hold while sharpening, and the rubber feet provide stability, making it safe to use on any surface. Plus, it features a convenient lanyard hole for easy attachment to a cord or string, so you can keep it within reach at all times.

The AccuSharp 017C Diamond Pro 2-Step Sharpener, the ultimate tool to keep your blades razor-sharp and ready for action. Say goodbye to dull edges and hello to precision cutting!

With its pre-angled coarse diamond and fine ceramic rods, this hand-held sharpener is designed to sharpen, restore, and polish the edge of any blade with ease. The diamond rods are tough enough to handle all types of blades, making it a versatile choice for your entire knife collection.

Crafted with a sleek brushed aluminum exterior, the Diamond Pro 2-Step Sharpener not only looks stylish but also offers a comfortable grip thanks to its rubber molded handle. No more slips or accidents while sharpening your knives! Plus, the rubber feet ensure stability, keeping the sharpener securely in place during use.

What sets this sharpener apart is its two-step process. Start with the coarse diamond rods to quickly bring back a sharp edge to your blade. Then, flip it over to the ceramic rods for a finishing touch that will leave your blade smooth and razor-sharp. The result? A blade that effortlessly glides through any cutting task, making your kitchen prep a breeze.

We've also added a convenient lanyard hole, allowing you to easily attach the sharpener to a cord or string. Keep it within reach in your kitchen or take it on outdoor adventures - the choice is yours!

Don't settle for dull and ineffective blades. Upgrade to the AccuSharp 017C Diamond Pro 2-Step Sharpener and experience the joy of effortlessly sharp knives. Get yours today and rediscover the pleasure of precise cutting!