RCBS 33201 Full-Length 2-Die Set Group D 240 Wthby Mag

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Full Length Die Set
240 Weatherby Magnum
Die Type:
Sizer Die
In Set:
  • Reloading made easy: This two-die set is designed specifically for reloading bottleneck cases, making the process simpler and more efficient.
  • Precise cartridge dimensions: The full-length sizer die brings the case to SAAMI minimum dimensions, ensuring consistent and accurate reloading results.
  • Secure bullet seating: With a built-in roll crimper, the included seater die not only seats the bullet but also ensures it is securely in place for reliable performance.

Looking to reload your bottleneck cases? Look no further than the RCBS 33201 Full-Length 2-Die Set Group D 240 Wthby Mag. This incredible two-die set is designed to make your reloading process a breeze.

The star of the show is the full-length sizer die, equipped with an expander-decapping unit. It not only brings your cases to SAAMI minimum dimensions but also sizes the outside of the case, de-primes, and expands the neck to accept your bullet. No more struggling with ill-fitting ammunition!

But that's not all - this die is designed with vents to prevent case damage caused by trapped air and excessive lubricant. Plus, the tight tolerances ensure that your case body length remains unchanged during full-length sizing. Talk about precision!

And let's not forget about the included seater die. This little gem features a built-in roll crimper to securely hold your bullet in place while it's being seated. No more worrying about bullet slippage or inconsistent seating depths. It's all taken care of.

So, whether you're a seasoned reloader or just starting out, the RCBS 33201 Full-Length 2-Die Set Group D 240 Wthby Mag is a must-have for your reloading arsenal. Say goodbye to unreliable ammunition and hello to consistent, high-quality rounds. Get yours today and take your reloading game to the next level!