Action Target PASTWI PastersWhite Adhesive Paper 7/8" 1000 Per Roll

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  • Easy to Use: These self-adhesive target bullet hole repair pasters are hassle-free to apply. Simply peel and stick them onto your targets for quick and convenient repairs.
  • Ample Quantity: With 1000 pasters per roll, you'll have more than enough to keep your targets looking clean and professional. No need to worry about running out anytime soon!
  • Organized Storage: Each roll comes with a handy box that keeps the pasters organized and prevents them from unraveling. Say goodbye to messy storage and hello to a neat and tidy shooting range.

Introducing our Action Target PASTWI Pasters: the ultimate solution for repairing bullet holes on your targets! With 1000 self-adhesive paper pasters per roll, you'll have everything you need to keep your targets looking pristine.

No more worrying about unsightly bullet holes ruining your shooting experience. Simply grab one of these 7/8" square pasters and cover up those holes effortlessly. The adhesive paper ensures a secure and long-lasting bond, so you can focus on improving your aim without any distractions.

We've even included a convenient box to keep your roll organized and prevent any unraveling. No more fumbling around for loose pasters when you need them the most. Just grab the box, peel off a paster, and you're ready to go!

The white color of these pasters provides excellent visibility, making it easy to see your shots from a distance. Whether you're practicing at the range or honing your skills in your backyard, these pasters will help you track your progress with precision.

Don't let bullet holes get in the way of your shooting enjoyment. Grab a roll of our Action Target PASTWI Pasters today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of these essential range accessories. Keep your targets looking sharp and your focus on point. It's time to take your shooting game to the next level!